Tuesday, March 11, 2014


It might seem totally silly, but today is a milestone for us here. At this point in my pregnancy with the bub, I went to the doctor, and then went to the hospital. I had sever pre-eclampsia and was sent in to get some medicine to help bring my blood pressure down and try to get little man to keep baking as long as we could. In just a few more days, he was here.

This morning I had my 34-week checkup, and all looks good. Baby X is sitting very low and ready, but there's no action going on that anyone can tell. I get contractions all day every day, but even after weeks of that, I am still closed up nice and tight. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that my body can do this, as another C-section doesn't really strike me as the best experience to have again. We've scheduled eviction day for April 21. I have to say that choosing when baby would come was not an easy task. I decided his due date was as good as any. Plus, it's with a doctor that I really like in the practice, even though it's not the same one I had with the bub. I'm hoping he does just as great at making the scar nice and tiny. But enough of that talk....fingers crossed baby pushes his own way out before then and I don't have to think about it at all.

Getting so close!

One thing that struck me as really odd was that I was really upset this weekend that I don't have much time left just as a family of 3. The bub was really sick over the weekend, and I had to do lots of late night snuggling. A part of me was just sad that I wouldn't have the time to give him soon, overwhelmed in what a newborn will bring. I'm hoping that he understands and this next step will be a great experience for us all. Brothers will be good, a permanent play mate, shoulder to lean on, and all sorts of other good things. Right?

41 days and counting...