Thursday, September 19, 2013

That's a big deck

Oh my hubby. He gets in his brain to start these insane projects, and it's like the world stops until they're done. Some things, I am perfectly okay with hiring out and saving my sanity for. He could not do the same. I will give him credit, though. This masterpiece went up in about 3 weeks.

With only the help of his dad most days, and a few friends on a weekend here and there, he persevered like nobody's business. Yesterday he finally put the siding back on the house and trimmed everything out. I think we're just waiting for one or 2 more posts to dry so we can put the light cap on. My one demand was that the deck light up at night, so we opted for these solar lights
from Home Depot. They don't really make it so you could read a book out there, but they at least make it so you don't fall overboard or on to your face if you aren't paying attention. I'm smitten. It's like a Christmas tree on the back of my house every night. I do find that there's one rogue light that shines right in my face while I sleep, though. Thank goodness for heavy duty curtains in our room.

I have to say it was a bit scary for a while with no railings, and my gem of a dog decided he'd kamikaze right off the edge one day. Thankfully no one was injured, just a little rattled, and by someone, I mean me. Look at this face.
I know. Right? Let's not go deck jumping anymore, okay?

Thankfully, the project is done. Well, for now. There's talk of adding rocks underneath and making a little patio space. *edit - the rocks have been delivered and are being shoveled in. The work never ends. it's on to the next project...finding a shed so we can clear out our garage to add an actual car in there. Shocking concept. Oh, and maybe for me to start attacking our bathroom so it's not all wallpapered and molding. Who wallpapers a bathroom? Don't they know that steam generally peels that stuff right off the wall?