Saturday, November 22, 2014

Secret Outlast 48hr protection review

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I was given this product to review through bzzagent. However, all opinions are my own.

I tried this product previously before being asked to review it for free. I wasn't incredibly impressed then and still wasn't this time.

As a teen, I always used Secret. It seemed to be the most talked about brand and everyone used it on my sports teams. I was always still a sweaty mess, and after a rough practice, smelled like a locker room. As I got older, I never seemed to grow out of that problem, but did try a few more brands to hopefully find something, anything that worked. No luck. When I was asked to try this product again, and for free, I jumped on it.

I still sweat, I still smell, and it certainly doesnt provide 48 hours worth of protection. I'd say one 8 hour work day is about all it can handle.

No white marks to worry about since it goes on clear, but a good invisible solid can do the same. It does have a fantastic smwll, but it doesn't last, or I'd be sold. I could sniff that scent all day. (Not that I recommend sniffing a deoderant stick all day.)

While this may work for the normal woman, it just wasn't for me and my sweaty man-like armpits.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Baby bro on the move...almost

Baby x is almost on the move, which means i need to lace up my running shoes, because this kid is going to be a maniac once he can get around on his own. The sappy mom part of me is crying inside that my baby is growing up, but I'm also excited that we're getting closer to having 2 brothers that can finally play and interact. The bub just wants someone to race cars, host puppet shows and play hide and go seek with. I'll be singing a different tune when i have to find a child trapped in the dryer or locked outside I'm sure, but for now, this momma will dream.