Monday, October 21, 2013

And we start all over again...

Now that we've had a few doctor appointments under our belt, I guess it's time to let the secret out. We are expecting Baby #2 April 21, 2014.
alien baby picture from our NT scan at 12w3d
Not shocking, as we planned this one just like the bub. I had to forget all the horrible things that come along with pregnancy and convince myself that this time would be different. Thankfully, that seems to be holding true...for now. I think I'm still constantly waiting for the shit to hit the fan as they like to say. So far, no real severe cases of nausea, just a bit here and there. Plus, it seems like as long as I keep my belly full of terrible, not so great for you food, I feel much better. This baby will be an eater just like its brother and momma. Go figure. Also not surprising.

Naturally, there's the standard "we just want a healthy, happy baby", which couldn't ring more true for us, considering the bub was almost not so healthy when he was evicted 6 weeks early. But let's face it, there's always the gender battle. In our house, it's on. I am desperate for a little girl, someone I can mold to be just like her momma and maybe wear the occasional bow and tutu...while kicking a soccer ball or romping in the sand of the volleyball court...obviously. The hubs wants another mini-man, which I think I might actually be coming to terms with, but I'll still hold out hope. It would be nice for the bub to have a brother to play with, but I think it would be great for us to have a little girl running around, too. A nice mix, right? Granted, I hear girls are all sorts of drama, and I can definitely attest to that. Lots of throwing shoes, total temper tantrums and sassy pants were thrown around when I was a teen (I might still do that, but don't ask the hubs for verification...he'll throw me under the bus for sure).

Fingers crossed that this lack of symptoms is just the world's way of giving me a break this time and not any indication of something not being right in there. Like I said, I could start puking on someone's shoes any day now, so I just keep enjoying it while it lasts and hope for the best. I also hope for no early arrival or severe swelling of my entire freakin body, too. It'd be nice to not have to find a way to lose 75 pounds!!!! after this baby is born. It's hard enough to lose 10. Am I right? read that correctly...75 pounds with the bub. Granted, mostly water weight, but still. Let's not.

Now the real fun begins...the name game and complete de-cluttering of the house that I swear is just closing in on us with every birthday and Christmas present making it look just a little bit more like Toys R Us vomited all over the place.