Friday, February 14, 2014

Dreaded? Valentine's Day

I get it. For many people, today is the day they drown their misery of being alone in booze and maybe eating an entire box of chocolates by themselves. Fear not...even those of us happily married or with someone also dread this holiday. For me, today is the day my husband never ceases to amaze me with some thoughtful gift he found or romantic dinner for two he's created, thereby making me realize just how amazing life is that I've found this man to be my lifelong partner, father of my children, and also to realize how awful I am at those things. You would think the estrogen in my body would give me more of a knack for this day, but it really doesn't. My first thought is to get a card, and some years I do it weeks in advance, because I know as the day gets closer, I won't remember or have time to get to the store. Then I think up some awesome project I could do that wouldn't cost a ton of money (thereby causing the hubs to freak out even more), but then I run out of time or patience and never getting to making the awesome project I thought of a/k/a found on Pinterest at Christmas time and pinned for future reference.

Today is just not my thing. I prefer to love the crap out of my husband and kid(s) year round. Some days more than others, but 99% of the time, I wake up and realize just how freakin lucky I am to have them. At night, I'd love to say that I go to sleep feeling the love as well, but let's face it...most nights I'm just loving the crap out of my pillows for being cold and fluffy.

To all of you out there who love this holiday - embrace the crap out of it. Don't feel bad for wanting to take part in the Hallmark holiday. Screw the people who make fun of you. Even if you love someone so much only one day out of the year, it's better than not at all.

Now I'm off to finish out my day so I can get home and find out what awesome thing the hubs planned this year. Might I point out that 2 years ago, I came home to dinner in my living room with candles and my favorite meal. The bub was a tiny little thing and slept in the bouncer seat next to us the whole time. Probably one of my favorite years. Tonight I'd be grateful if all he did was cook dinner so I didn't have to think about it. I'm hoping to get the man some awesome beer on my way home so I don't look like a total failure. Can I blame it on pregnancy brain ya think?


Wednesday, February 5, 2014

moments (picture heavy)

I've always heard that time flies, and as I went through life, I never really thought it was all that different...and then I had kids, and animals, and a big girl job. Time just doesn't seem to ever want to stand still. The moments keep coming, and I just want to soak them all in. I'm finding it so hard to make room in my brain for the moments I just want to cherish forever and never forget. Moments like slumber parties in my living room, with all my furbabies and the bub curled up on a pillow next to the hubs, because he has to be "just like daddy." Or that moment when the bub actually still wants to cuddle on top of me. Not so easy with a giant belly in the way nowadays with baby bub on the way, but damn it...I was going to make it work. I always want to find the balance of getting a picture to last for years to come and just living in the moment and enjoying it while it happens. Just a few of these "moments" for your viewing pleasure:

As much as I want to run and grab the camera when I see his face light up, I have to remember that sometimes it's just as good to watch and add it to my stash of moments in my head, in hopes that I'll remember it one day.

With baby bub on the way in only 75 days and counting (or less), I'm trying to soak up our last moments as a family of three and look forward to what moments will come as a family of four. So far, the bub is excited and can't wait to meet his little brother. We'll see how things pan out once it's an all day crying fest and mom is locking herself in the bathroom with the shower running, just trying to get one moment alone.